CW: Child death, abusive relationships,assault, kidnapping, murder, blood, gun violence, alcohol

Immortal Revenge, by F. Anne Fischer

400 years ago, a single event sparked a long-simmering feud between John and Renphor. Now, the two vampires’ lives will become impossibly intertwined in modern-day Philadelphia, leading to a final showdown. As the two try to adapt to a quickly changing world, everyone around them will get swept up in their schemes.

The feud will only end when one of them is destroyed – but as they lose the support of friends and lovers, which one will successfully navigate a world where everyone is lying?

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Season of the Vampyre – Planned 2025 Release

Tessa Taylor is on her way home from working in the fields in the dismal summer of 1816, when she encounters the vile vampire Sir Murgatroyd and his manservant Thomas. They leave her for dead, not realizing the conversion process has taken hold. 

What follows is an exciting journey across multiple countries, as Tessa seeks to find legitimacy in a world she was never meant to enter.