Closeup image of front of stone crypt, showing two doors. image shows a chain between the two doors with a gold padlock. There are four star shaped openings contained inside stone circles, one in each corner of the image

The Family Crypt

A walk in the snow

Delia felt the chill creeping up her legs as she crunched through the snow-covered cemetery next to her fiancé. She was cold as the grave, and shivered inside the coat that he had placed lovingly around her shoulders (Click to continue)

Two paper coffee cups with cardboard holders sit on a round table with rough planks as a top. The table is in a dark room next to a window
Image by NAOKI NISHIMURA from Pixabay

The Art of Ghosting

An Awkward First Date

Alice pressed the button to answer the phone, just as it fell from her nerveless fingers. She listened as her friend Ivana’s voice started speaking into the air. “

Alice – don’t say a word, because I know you’re going to argue with me about this – “(Click to continue)

Ghost Hunters

Tales of a very bored ghost

400 years. That’s how long I’ve been here, since my most unfortunate death. 400 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it. That’s not to say that I haven’t seen some crazy things over the centuries… (Click to continue)

A Sock Fairytale

Or the hazards of educated clothing

I knew I shouldn’t have allowed the socks to have free access to the library. After all – what good does it do for a sock to get lofty ideas about the future? (Click to continue)

A Night at the Theatre

The line between death and dreams, theatre and reality, is easy to blur

Eliza blinked rapidly as her eyes focused on the drink in her hand. She glanced up, and her shocked gaze took in theatrical scene around her. Everything in the enormous auditorium was swathed in faded opulence. (Click to continue)

Photo by Dima Valkov

It Fixes Everything

What do you do to stop a pesky Faerie with a score to settle?

I see the humans are at it again. Lines of salt and iron horseshoes everywhere. It’s so cute of them to think that will help – all it does is point me towards the best places to go. I just stepped over a double line of salt to get into this room, and I’m not disappointed.  (Click to continue)

Photo by Md Abdul Halim

Déjà Vu

An Infinite Loop

Ariel woke up feeling vaguely confused, and peered at her surroundings through half-closed, swollen eyes. When her vision finally adjusted to the dim light, she sat bolt upright in bed. (Click to continue)

Image by Samuel Harvey

A Major Event

Sometimes you have some last minute shopping to do

The man stood stoically in front of the shuttered store front, wrapped in a heavy winter coat and thick wool scarf. A dark film covered the windows of the free-standing building, but in spite of this it was well-maintained compared to the slightly seedy buildings on either side of it. It was early – barely six o’clock  (Click to continue)

Photo by Mateusz Taciak

Party Poopers

The trials and tribulations of party planning

Edith and Edna were always called in to decorate for parties, because they had a knack for making something out of nothing.

One Friday afternoon, Edith ran into Mary on her way to the post office, and agreed that they would decorate for Mary’s husband’s very sudden retirement party that evening. (Click to continue)

Photo by Julien Bachelet

Reasons I’m Still Awake

Reflections from a sleepless night

I didn’t finish the work that’s due tomorrow, because I figured it would be more productive to get some sleep first, and now I can’t stop worrying about not getting it done… (Click to continue)

Image of a preserved crocodile handing from the stone ceiling. The crocodile is wearing and red and white striped sweater made out of lights

Dragon Train

“Ye be disturbin’ the dragon.”

The old woman poked him in the ribs with her cane, and Honza flinched. How did the old hag keep getting down to the construction site, anyway? “ (Click to continue)

Head and chest of an orange cat with white around its mouth and a white patch on its chest. Cat is looking up at something, and looking annoyed
Image by Melani Marfeld from Pixabay

Tiny Lion

I am a descendant of the kings of the land. I am the apex predator. I am sovereign over all my domain.
I am not your “adorable little kitty”, for fuck’s sake. And don’t call me “pretty tabby”.  (Click to Continue)