Reasons I’m Still Awake

I didn’t finish the work that’s due tomorrow, because I figured it would be more productive to get some sleep first, and now I can’t stop worrying about not getting it done.

The cat is doing… something. At least I hope it’s the cat. It could also be a giant rat. I should check. Hell no, I shouldn’t check.

I have to interact with people tomorrow. Let me think about all the ways that’s going to suck.

I just had a really brilliant idea, and if I don’t work on it RIGHT NOW it will never get done.

My brilliant idea didn’t work out, and I’m depressed because there’s no point in trying, and my life will be a void forever.

Does that pain in my shoulder mean that I’m dying? Oh wait, I’m just laying on it funny.

Ooh, there are only three more episodes left in this season…