Photo by Maria Orlova
Photo by Maria Orlova


First I should wrap up graduate school

Or buy a castle – that’d be cool


It’d be nice if I could publish a book

(I’ve started four, let’s take a look)


Perhaps I should finish what I’ve begun

But starting new dreams is much more fun!

Image by Souvick Ghosh

Cleansing Rain

Thoughts in the weather

Rapt in grey thoughts

I fail to observe

Their reflection in the sky

As dark clouds roll in

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Black cat sitting on a wooden chair

Cat Décor

A Haiku for a clueless cat

Idiotic cat
Idiotic, blue-pawed cat
Quit walking in paint

Copper-colored dragon head with blue sky and clouds behind it
Photo by Magda Ehlers

Dragon vs. Troll

A Multi-meter fight for the Knoll

Red alert blaring

Trouble in meter next door

Time to wake, dragon!

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Image from Pixabay

Haiku Menu

A night at the poetry bar

On a tiny street, paved with stones worn smooth by centuries of feet passing over them, sits the poetry bar. As you drag your stool up to the bar, you tell the bartender you’re in the mood for a good haiku. She passes the menu to you, and leaves you to peruse it while she waits on a couple looking for a list of limericks… (Click to read the menu)

Direction Determines Fate

A bi-directional poem, where the outcome is determined by which direction you read it in!

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